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You shouldn’t be engaging in social media marketing if you don’t have a website. As a web development company we often have business owners say to us “can’t I just use my Facebook profile or online business directory page as my website?”. The short answer is always no!

Social media is a great compliment to your website. You should have your own website and not depend on social media profiles for two reasons:

1) You own your website. You don’t own your social media profile. Your profile and hard earned contact list is owned by the social media website itself. If the website shuts down tomorrow, your content goes with it.

2). Social media profiles have their limits. You can only convey so much information on your social media profile or business directory site. Your social media sites should attract visitors to your website, which is the true selling tool. Your website has more flexibility and can contain more content which will allow you to educate, market, and sell to your potential clients.