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The reality is this: computers need maintenance. Just like a car they slow down, get worn out and need constant attention or you risk running into issues that cause more serious problems. This only leads to $$$ spent on fixing problems after they’ve happened, and annoying downtime. The software on your computer, the hardware you use, how you use your computer all impact its performance and the  various issues you’ll encounter on a computer over its lifetime.

So how do you avoid hefty service bills and annoying downtime? By keeping your system monitored and maintained by a professional IT solution provider. This is where our Partek360 Managed Services platform comes in. From as a little as $30 a month / computer we can monitor that computer 24x7x365 for potential issues that could lead to bigger problems. We’ll look after items such as:

–          Making sure your data is backed up and its working properly

–          Installing all of those updates so you don’t have to worry about which ones you need to install

–          Keeping your Anti-Virus and security software up to date and regularly scanned.

–          Performance tweaks and monitoring to ensure your system is running optimally.

–          Monitoring hard drive space and storage.

–          Keeping the file system and Windows clean and error free.

What most people don’t realize is that a majority of issues on computers could be avoided if systems were maintained and monitored correctly. The problem is small businesses don’t have the resources to hire full time IT personnel to do this. This is why Partek360 is a great alternative – you get the service and results of a full time IT personnel, at a fraction of the cost.