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Greenhouse Capital of the Prairies.

The Town of Redcliff

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The Town of Redcliff website is a critical part of their accessibility and connection to community. They were frustrated with their dated and unresponsive website. They also experienced repeated frustrations in managing and making simple updates to their website creating time management conflicts. Because their website had not kept up with industry-standards in User Experience and layout, their website users often found struggled to navigate the mass of information listed on the website.


Restructure the content in an organized and user-friendly matter. Simplify the website back end so multiple staff members are able to access and edits the necessary areas of the website.  Implement industry-standard website development practices, including responsive design, SEO, and content.


Our main goal with the redesign was to display the content of the website in an easy to navigate and user-friendly fashion. Organizing the abundance of relevant content was a big undertaking. We worked closely with the staff at the Town of Redcliff to determine a hierarchical site map that was easy to navigate from a user perspective but maintained their established internal structure.

We also placed focus on making the website more accessible, as their previous website was not responsive and was difficult to access from a mobile or tablet device. Following industry standard practices in this area helped modernize their website and increase usability and accessbility. Finally, we modernized the esthetic of the website with new fonts, color scheme, imagery, and layouts.