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How and why we think differently about service at Partek – from James Parsons, Owner

As a small business it’s often easy to think that great customer service is simple to deliver. After all, with a small team, everything should come easier – communication, team work, etc. However, that’s not always the case – especially in the technology industry. At Partek though, we’ve made it the top priority for our organization: To provide a superior customer experience. In all honesty it’s the biggest thing that defines who we are and how we can make a difference in the industry.

Improving our customer experience is only achievable by putting the customer front and center in our priorities and creating policies and procedures that support this attitude. If companies value their customers and want them to have a truly positive experience, then they have to make every single customer important. No Partek customer should feel like one of thousands—especially to a company whose job it is to manage and support the technology that is so critical to their business.

Excellent customer service is part of our core philosophy, and we realize that customer service is circular: when we provide a customer with a good experience, they become loyal to our brand, and when a customer is loyal, they are more likely to stick with us. When they stick around, we have the opportunity to provide more positive service and build an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship.

So even though we’re not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, we still want to approach every situation with the goal of creating the most positive experience possible. Sure, we’ll make mistakes, but as long as we’re dedicated to being the best, we will always be striving to give our customers the kind of experience and attention that they deserve. In the end, this constant effort and perseverance to be the best—not just in technology, but also in service—is what makes Partek different. Learn more about culture and how we achieve this here.

– James