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What makes Email Marketing so Effective?

With marketing becoming a bit of a gray area for small businesses, organizations are turning to other, more effective, and efficient methods of advertising.

Email Marketing is right up there in its advantages to deliver effective advertising, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Here are some of the reasons why email marketing is really helping our customers succeed:


  1. It’s measurable. You can track all kinds of details in email campaign. You can see who opens your mail and what they click on. You can see how many people forward it, and how many people unsubscribed. You can view which emails are bad and why your email wasn’t delivered. You can even see which email client your readers prefer – so you can tweak your campaign accordingly. Having this level of detail helps you see what’s working for you and your readers – and what’s turning them off.
  2. It has great ROI. Multiple studies have shown that email marketing has the highest return on investment of any form of advertising – as high as $44 for each dollar spent. Moreover, many email marketing systems are set up so that you only pay when you send – giving you complete control of how much you spend, and when.
  3. It reinforces your brand. The days of text-based email marketing are pretty much over. Today you can design great-looking email templates that reinforce your brand identity every time you send a message. Match your email to your website and drive home a consistent image and message to your customers.
  4. It’s personal. Email Marketing is unlike any other form of advertising in the sense that you can easily and cost effectively personalize your marketing messages. You can include your client’s name or the last product they purchased right in the email. You can make sure it’s delivered to them at the right time according to their time zone and schedule. You can segment your mailing list and send targeted campaigns to distinct groups of subscribers, or even change the way the signup or opt-out process looks for different types of viewers.


For more information on email marketing, or to give it a try in your business, check out FlyByWire Email Marketing.