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There’s no doubt that iPad’s are the latest hot ‘tech-toy’ for consumers. But is there any merit to implementing them in your business environment? Well lately the iPad has been making a strong business case with many real life examples of how it can benefit many businesses. From retail to manufacturing, the ability to have access to your data in real-time from any location is certainly an asset. Plus, with all of the apps that are available, businesses can find it easy to take their company information with them.

Integrating iPads with your existing IT infrastructure is seamless. Get secure access to email, calendar, and contacts, and connect to private corporate networks through the built in VPN access.

But what does this really do for you? We’ve put together some examples of how iPads can benefit various industries.

Imagine providing a quote directly on the fly while  on a job site. iPads will allow you access to your company data to create proposals and send them directly to your customers.

Apps that allow you to view on the fly sales data from anywhere. Integrate customer relationship management (CRM) apps to view contacts, sales processes and data in real-time.

Professional Services:
Record notes during client meetings and sync them directly with your PC. Attend or host online meetings to inform and educate clients.

Partek can implement iPads into your organization. Contact us today to learn how your business could benefit from going mobile.