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We often get asked the question: “why do you only do work with businesses“? It’s a great question, since the need for quality technical support extends to more than just businesses.  The easiest explanation is that businesses demand a level of technical support that is often superior to that required at a consumer or residential level. What this means is that there is often more on the line with the technology that runs a business. Although our homes and personal lives are becoming more reliant on technology, businesses require a specialized service that requires a specialized approach. For that reason we want to built a company that is focused. A company that can dedicate all of its resources to one sector of the market. That sector just happens to be the business sector. It also means that we’ve been able to position ourselves as experts in the business IT field. Much like a Realtor that only deals with commercial realty is considered a trusted expert when it comes to a commercial property, we are the trusted experts when it comes to business technology support in Medicine Hat.

So what does this mean for residential, consumer, and non-business customers? We have some great relationships with other computer service firms that are better suited for the residential market, and are happy to refer to them if it’s the right fit. In the mean time though we will continue to provide IT support and service, and website solutions to the business community in Medicine Hat and Southern Alberta.