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There’s a productivity tool from Microsoft that you may or may not have heard of that, that could be just what your business is missing: SharePoint. What is SharePoint? At it’s very basic level, SharePoint is used to build websites. But not a website that you might think. These SharePoint ‘Sites’ are used to share information, collaborate on documents and share, organize, and store information, from any web browser, on any device.  All you need is a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, FireFox or Chrome.

What Can You Do With SharePoint?

1) Store and Organize Data: Most Businesses have a wealth of data that resides maybe on a central internal server, or a network somewhere. With SharePoint, that data can be synchronized and made available anywhere through a secure login. What’s great about this is that through Office Web Apps, you can login and access these documents and even edit them, just with a web browser. With Cloud Computing these days it seems inefficient to have employees email files to themselves just so that they can open them at home. And USB keys and external hard drives have seemed obsolete for a long time. Being able to store and access files from anywhere at any time using any computer or device has become a necessity for most organizations,and that’s where SharePoint can help.

2) Share Documents Easily: As your organization grows, some documents can become so large they can’t be shared over email. SharePoint provides a central location for these documents accessible from outside or inside your network.

3) Collaboration: When you have multiple employees working on the same document, keeping updated can be tough as each user will likely have different versions saved on their computer. This makes updating a hassle. It’s even harder when users are located in different locations and rely on email or teleconferencing to work together. With SharePoint’s central file system, users view the same document. If changes are made by one person they will immediately show on the document. This coherence promotes and makes collaboration more effective, while also making it easier for managers to collate, view and make changes to ensure all users are on the same page – quite literally!

 What’s Different About Partek SharePoint?

Our SharePoint solutions are hosted. You may be familiar with our Hosted Exchange email solution, which allows enterprise level email without the hassle of having your own server. Our Hosted SharePoint solution acts in much the same way allowing you access to enterprise level tools, without the hassle of managing your own server (or paying someone to manage it).

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