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The other day there was a problem with my friend’s smartphone. She “Googled” her situation, and in .23 seconds, she received over 15 million results of articles, websites, and videos all proclaiming their “match” to her problem. After wasting time reading through the offered information, no solution was to be found. She desperately wished there was someone she could call.

Now imagine this scenario at your office. An employee’s computer system locks up, leaving him stranded in the middle of running payroll. He can put his head down and cry (not recommended), commandeer someone else’s computer for the next several hours searching through a knowledgebase of articles hoping for an answer and not completing payroll (really not recommended). Or for an immediate response in this time sensitive situation, he can just call his helpful support technician at his Help Desk (highly recommended!).

The above examples show why in spite of all the technological advances designed to make life easier – nothing can ever fully replace the human response and human touch of providing IT support.

At Partek we’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into our infrastructure, tools, and team in order to provide the best possible human support experience possible. We’ve done this because we understand that business drives technology – not the other way round. That your business is 100% reliant on the efficiency, reliability and availability of your IT systems . And that your staff’s productivity depends on your IT.  Whether you’re a Partek360 Managed Services client or a small firm requiring routine maintenance, you can rest assured knowing that when you call Partek, you’ll speak to a certified, dedicated support technician that is committed to your business’s success.