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If you took some time to evaluate the key parts of your business you’ll quickly discover that your data is one of the most important components in successfully operating your business. Whether it’s the data in your Point of Sale system, your customer information, or your accounting information, if you don’t have constant access to that information, your business grinds to a halt. Which is why it’s critical to back it up. However, your data really isn’t safe unless you’re backing up properly and with lots of redundancy. The computer backup rule of three, also known as the Backup 3-2-1 rule, can help ensure that your data will last.

The 3-2-1 Rule

3 copies of everything that’s important (2 isn’t enough)
2 different formats (ie. Memory Stick + Drop box OR DVD + Hard Dive)
1 off-site

Make sure that your backup plan, or the advise you’re receiving on your backup plan, covers all three of these.

But Wait – What about Redundancy?

The word redundancy is rarely discussed yet is probably equally, if not more important than the backup. Multiple backup locations are great in the event of a failure or deleting that vital file. But what about when the critical piece of hardware that stores all of that data, say your server, for example, isn’t working? That’s where a redundancy plan can come in. We utilize a virtualized redundancy and recovery system which means we can take a failed server and bring a complete working backup of that server online within minutes, meaning your business has less downtime and more productivity.

Concerned about your backup and redundancy plan, ask us for an audit.