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Okay, I know what you’re saying – What on earth is ‘disaster recovery’? Simply put, disaster recovery are the processes and systems put in place that allow your business (or more specifically its technology), to operate in the event of a disaster or emergency. This ‘disaster’ could include floods, fires, theft, epidemics etc.

So why should your business care about this?

With almost every business using some form of technology to run their daily operations, the question needs to be asked: “If our technology went down for any reason, could we operate our business”? The answer is probably no. In which case it’s critical to have a plan in place that minimizes the amount of time that technology is down for – ‘A Disaster Recovery Plan’.

The extent or complexity of the disaster recovery plan is completely dependant upon how long you can realistically last in the event of an outage. Maybe it’s a flood, maybe it’s a fire. Perhaps your server has completely crashed. How long can you operate your business without that critical piece of technology before you start losing money? At Partek we have clients where that magic number is 1 hour or less. Their technology is so critical to their operation that if it’s not running 24/7, they’re losing money. For others it may be 5 hours, or 1 business day. The point here is that you need to put a value on your technology and plan for the unforeseen.

We’re able to provide a variety of backup and redundancy solutions that can minimize that downtime, ensure your business is still operating, and save you money in the event of an emergency.