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It didn’t seem like long ago that Medicine Hat businesses were asking the question “do we need a website”? (Not you though, you high tech person. Right?).  The reality was though, if you didn’t have a quality web presence, people aren’t going to find you, trust in you, and ultimately purchase from you.

But a whole new breed of standards has entered the world by which our business’ online presence is judged – mobile. A recent Google study shows that 72% of consumers want a website to be mobile friendly if they’re coming to it from a mobile device. The reality is, if your website is out of date it will most likely have problems displaying correctly on mobile devices, and that could be impacting your sales, market share, and general overall opinion customers have of your business.  Since this is not a good situation, developing a mobile friendly website for your business is a necessity.

Here are some of the main reasons why your business website should be mobile friendly:

Increasing Number of Smartphone Users

Today, most people are accessing the internet with their phones.  If your business website is not mobile friendly, you will miss the opportunity to reach this audience. This is especially true for people on the go who may be searching for information about your business away from a computer.

Growth of Mobile Commerce

In last couple of years, mobile commerce has witnessed unexpected growth. In 2010, the total sales generated from mobile commerce were $3 billion which rose to $6 billion in 2011.  A 100% increase in just one year. At the end 2012, it is expected to exceed $10 billion. If your website is not mobile friendly this business could be going to your competitors.

Trend of Mobile Research Prior to Purchase

Customers today are smarter than ever and most consumers are likely to research a product online before completing a purchase. They even research and analyze products using their smartphone while in store before making the final decision. Having a mobile friendly website enhances the chance of getting your products purchased by smartphone users doing research on your competitors.

‘Mobile Friendly’ Doesn’t Have to Mean ‘Dumbed Down’

There are some low-cost and even free services out there that claim to provide mobile websites for businesses. The problem with these types of services is the website you get is completely stand-alone from your main business site, containing a watered down version of a website with very minimal information. These websites are not very helpful for any company serious about internet marketing and lead generation.