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Boosting Web Traffic with Email Marketing

Boosting Web Traffic with Email Marketing Tired of seeing sponsored ads and paid promotions in your social media feeds?  Like you, most consumers are looking for a more personalized experience online. So what’s the best way to reach those users online? One of the most effective marketing channels is Email Marketing. The ROI of email marketing […]

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Why Email Marketing is Better Than Social Media

Email is still the best online marketing channel. What? Isn’t Tik Tok and Twitter all the rage? Well, these sites certainly get all of the attention, but the reality is, there are many reasons why email marketing should be your number one priority: Social Media as  a whole has a short lifespan Social media and […]

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5 Quick Email & Social Marketing Tips

Technology and online habits change in a flash. Here are 5 quick tips to ensure that your email and social marketing campaigns are future ready:   1. No More Mouse According to Morgan Stanley, by 2014, mobile internet usage will soon surpass that from a desktop. And, according to the Marketing Sherpa panelists, an A/B split […]

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Why Email Marketing is Awesome!

What makes Email Marketing so Effective? With marketing becoming a bit of a gray area for small businesses, organizations are turning to other, more effective, and efficient methods of advertising. Email Marketing is right up there in its advantages to deliver effective advertising, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Here are some […]

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