April 28, 2012

Partek now offers data recovery services

Partek has teamed up with DriveSavers to be an authorized reseller of DriveSavers services in data recovery. We can now offer data recovery services to Medicine […]
April 27, 2012

4 Ways To Cut Your IT Costs

Ongoing Techonology Support This may sound backwards, but having an IT Specialist watching your technology on a frequent basis can prevent big problems from happening.  Proactive […]
April 26, 2012

5 mistakes businesses make when it comes to technology

If you’re running a business you’re wearing many hats – you’re juggling dozens of responsibilities, with your hands in many pots. More often than not technology falls […]
April 17, 2012

How Businesses Can Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over over twelve million small-business people using its service, which is roughly 20 percent of its total user base. Many of these small-business people are using […]
April 8, 2012

Data Storage Cheat Sheet for Small Business

Why should I care about data storage? At the end of 2010, the volume of data stored worldwide totaled 1.2 million petabytes (a petabyte equals 1 […]
March 5, 2012

How Long Should My Business Computers Last?

Computers are expensive. Sometimes it feels like we are constantly having to replace them.  Especially in a business where they are used 8 to 10 hours […]
February 14, 2012

I Have A Facebook Page. Why Do I Need A Website?

With so many social media applications on the Internet such as Twitter, Linked-in, video blogging, and Facebook, why do businesses still need a website?  Are websites […]
February 11, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website

Believe it or not, even in 2012 there are businesses that feel a website is an unnecessary expense. Here are our top 10 reasons (among hundreds) of why […]
February 5, 2012

Why Being At The Top Of Search Results Matters (And How To Get There!)

Let’s go an imaginary trip to Oslo in Norway (bare with me here!). Now, the first two things you’ll want to do is arrange flight tickets […]
January 28, 2012

‘The Cloud’. Is Small Business Ready For It Yet?

Cloud computing is without a doubt the technology trend that is creating the most buzz. Both Microsoft and Apple have developed products, marketing campaigns, and services […]
January 27, 2012

Why You Don’t Have To Be “All-In” When It Comes To Apple

In the business world there are literally dozens of options for your technology. Take mobile for example; You can run Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile.  Tablets […]
December 31, 2011

How Partek Gives Back

Our belief is that businesses should exist for the greater good. That may sound all fluffy and “Save The Whale” (What would Kevin O’Leary think!), but […]