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Why isn’t my website showing up on Google?!

Let’s say you own a dog grooming business. You have a beautiful new website, lots of social media presence, and a free Google My Business Listing. Your goal is to rank high in Google when people search for “best dog groomer in medicine hat”… but yet your website is nowhere to be found when these […]

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Why every business should own a domain name

First off, what is a domain name? In layman’s terms: A domain name is the address for a website. Just like a physical address helps people find a specific place, the purpose of a domain is to help visitors find a specific website. You type the website’s domain name into an internet browser URL bar […]

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Are websites without an SSL Certificate ‘not secure’ ?

Have you run into a webpage that looks like this? This error is present on all websites without a valid SSL Certificate on the Google Chrome Browser. What is an SSL Certificate? SSL (Secure Socket Layer) was developed in 1994 as a method for increasing security between a website and its end user. Though vastly improved, […]

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